IHNLP is not a certifying organisation, however IHNLP member trainers may issue IHNLP certificates as long as IHNLP quality criteria are met.

IHNLP membership requires that trainers meet the quality criteria as defined in the membership standards section of this website. This means that it is the member, not the course content, which is covered by IHNLP standards. An IHNLP member may therefore offer their own certification, backed by the IHNLP quality standards where that member can demonstrate that their training content and learner assessment meet a consistent standard.

Since there is no commonly used minimum course content or duration for NLP training, the IHNLP member must be responsible for ensuring minimum standards which are appropriate to the certification offered. A guide for Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification can be found below, which the trainer can add to as required for their application or market. Of course, where the trainer is creating their own training design to use NLP within another business application such as leadership, sales or communication skills training, there is no requirement for minimum content.

IHNLP certificates

For a IHNLP member trainer to issue certificates at any level of training bearing a IHNLP logo, the trainer must assure the following:

  • The training is conducted in accordance with a published course outline
  • The course outline includes the standard to which a student must demonstrate their capability in order to achieve certification
  • The training includes an explicit assessment, which may include written tests, project presentations, observed coaching sessions or continuous assessment
  • Students who do not demonstrate evidence of capability must not be certified, they must be given appropriate feedback and an opportunity for future reassessment

Fundamentally, the trainer must be able to demonstrate that the certificate is not given solely for course attendance, it is given in recognition of achievement of a published standard, so that the student understands the value of their achievement and the value and credibility of the IHNLP is upheld. Those standards are set at the trainer's discretion, published in advance to the students along with the course content, and students are made aware that certification is not automatic.

The certificate design is at the trainer's discretion. It must bear the IHNLP logo without alteration at a minimum size of 5cm width and with the text 'IHNLP.org'.

Minimum course content and duration